The Borderlands program serves migrants and deportees in Tijuana with shelter, personal care and assistance to become self-sufficient. The Borderlands outreach operates with the overarching value of environmental consciousness. The spirit of Borderlands is to dignify the lives of others. Projects often address borderlands pollution issues and aim to provide daily living solutions and skills training for migrants and deportees that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Cross-cultural and interagency networking and learning opportunities are shared with similar organizations in the region. See our current projects here.


We offer care and support to leaders and emerging leaders — including educators, parents, business owners, and spiritual leaders — so that they may have the resources they need to be of service to their communities.

Some of our services include:

  • Life and Ministry Coaching

  • Retreats for Individuals and Teams

  • Group Seminars

  • Spiritual Mentorship


Cycle Breakers is a program that gives educational college scholarships to qualified individuals with the aim of breaking severe poverty.

The program began in the small farming town of Porvenir, Mexico in 2002, where we encountered many teens who had aspirations to attend college but did not have the resources (or know how) to do so.

Since then, we’ve helped young adults across northern Baja Mexico with college scholarships and school materials. We’ve discovered that their self-esteem was fortified as they pursued something more than fieldwork or factory work. They learned that they could do something they never imagined doing: getting an education. They learned to dream beyond what their parents had ever dreamed. Out of gratitude, their ability to give back became apparent too.


Global Immersion (GI) is a training organization that equips the evangelic church of US American to become peacemakers in a divided world. Jesus is our best model of Shalom peace and restoration and therefore the center of all the training that occur. 

CrossPresence has developed a special partnership with Global Immersion that over the years has helped create and execute the trainings that takes place on the San Diego/Tijuana border called the Immigrants Journey. 

Global Immersions provides up to 12 trainings a year for approximately 20 individuals at a time. It’s an intensive 5-week journey that culminates in 4 days on the US/Mexican border that deeply disciples leaders and other followers of Jesus.  The scriptures say that we are Ambassadors of Peace. Peace in the midst of conflict. We all live in areas where there’s conflict, and in the Sheahan’s case, the conflicts are the tensions on US/Mexico border.

This ministry is based on the question of “Who is my neighbor and how do I love them well?”.  Jesus answered with the story of the Good Samaritan. At the end of the time, the participants learn to engage their neighbors in creative ways following the life teachings that Jesus has shown us. 

The local church as well as Christian Universities throughout the States, have participated in this ministry.  Several Christian Universities use Gl as curriculum giving students the opportunity to gain credits.  

Maria and Shaun’s main responsibilities with GI are to cultivate, manage and teach during the time on the border and to connect with and encourage the Mexican leaders in whom they partner with during these learning labs.